INGOR Online Document


INGOR is an implementation of Bayesian network estimation algorithms. It implements Prof. Imoto's Bayesian network estimation algorithm using B-spline nonparametric regression [1], Prof. Tamada's Neighbour Node sampling and repeat algorithm [2], etc. It is also released as SiGN-BN 2, and these are almost identical except for the name.

This is the online web document site of INGOR.

INGOR includes SFMT (SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister) for random number generation.




Please cite following papers if you use INGOR for your research.

  • [1] Imoto, S., Goto, T., Miyano, S. (2002). Estimation of genetic networks and functional structures between genes by using Bayesian networks and nonparametric regression, Pac. Symp. Biocomput. 7, 175-186. ( )
  • [2] Tamada, Y., Imoto, S., Araki, H., Nagasaki, M., Print, C., Charnock-Jones, D.S., Miyano, S. (2011). Estimating genome-wide gene networks using nonparametric Bayesian network models on massively parallel computers, IEEE/ACM Trans. Comput. Biol. Bioinform. 8 (3), 683-697. ( )


INGOR is developed and maintained by Prof. Yoshinori Tamada at Hirosaki University.


INGOR was developed based on SiGN-BN, that is gene network estimation software developed by the same developer. SiGN-BN will be replaced by INGOR in the future release.